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Harvard Art Festival, Harvard University, Boston USA

Mixed Reality Art Installation


Selected as part of the 2022 Harvard Arts First Festival, this pavilion reflects on the notion of hyper-reality through the creation of ‘Self-Compass’, an immersive mixed reality art installation.​

‘Self-compass’ is a pavilion to reflect on the relationship between oneself and Harvard campus guided by geometry and mathematical rules. Located in front of the Statue of John Harvard, the pavilion’s radial configuration functions as a compass to frame 8 views towards the immediate buildings and surroundings, asking us to think of what is beyond the immediate. This mixed reality experience combines a physical modular pavilion and an augmented reality display of an interactive compass and images of campus history.​

Self-compass intends to provoke questions on the relationship one has with the campus and its buildings, the relationship with the neighborhoods and Boston, our positions chosen towards history, our roles in the Harvard community, and the memories of our time on campus. 

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PRINCIPAL AUTHORS | George Guida, Ana Loayza​​


PROJECT COLLABORATORS | Thomas Kuei, Jeff Stevens, Taeyong Kim 

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